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Our Aims


The Federation’s aims continue to be rooted in the five outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda:

Be Healthy, Be Safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a Positive Contribution and Economic Well-being

A1   To provide a lively, broad-based curriculum incorporating academic, practical and aesthetic aspects

A2   To develop opportunities for our pupils to ask creative questions and develop their thinking skills

A3   To develop an esteeming ethos where children feel safe to explore their ideas and where they can consider others’ ideas

A4   To provide opportunities for our pupils to appreciate the diversity of a multi-ethnic society and foster a respect for the values, beliefs and traditions of others

A5   To promote high expectations of what our pupils can achieve and high expectations of self-discipline with a clear acceptance of personal responsibility

A6   To provide experiences to help pupils become increasingly aware of their responsibilities within the community and show both consideration for and sensitivity to others;

We trust that, in partnership with parents, we lay the foundation for our children to make a happy and confident transition to secondary education and to become responsible, well adjusted members of society, capable of applying and adapting themselves to the demands of living and working in an ever-changing world.