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Our Staff

Mrs Lesley Thornes - Headteacher

Mrs Thornes joined East Wold School in 2004 and for the last few years has led both East Wold and North Cockerington CE Primary Schools as their Executive Head Teacher. Mrs Thornes thinks she has the best job in the world because all the pupils of the Federation are polite, great fun and always up for a challenge. She is very proud of the facts that visitors to the schools are impressed by our children’s thoughtful comments, excellent behaviour and confidence.

Mrs Jane Amey - Assistant Head Oak Class (Year Six)

Mrs Amey is our Assistant Head Teacher who leads the school when Mrs Thornes is at North Cockerington School. She teaches the oldest children in our school in Oak class. None of her passions is music and our pupils musical experiences are greatly enhanced through her leadership.


Mrs Jenna Bollan - Willow Class (Reception)

Mrs Bollan teaches Reception in Willow. She really enjoys teaching our younger pupils and is keen to get them outdoors and active! Mrs Bollan runs gardening and wildlife clubs throughout the year and also organises School Council and champions their ideas to staff and Governors.

Mrs Tiffany Noden - Beech Class (Years One and Two)

Mrs Noden teaches Year One and Two in Beech. Mrs Noden loves to find interesting activities for children to do, because she knows how much more engaged they are when writing about things they have enjoyed doing. Children love to be in Beech Class, where they grow in confidence as 'learning detectives' and 'learning experts'!

Mrs Alison Whitfield - Elm Class (Year Two and Three)

Mrs Whitfield is our Special Needs Coordinator and Safeguarding Officer. She is also very keen on Science and History. Mrs Whitfield runs a maths challenge club after school on Wednesdays. This year she is teaching in Elm Class. Her absolute passions are riding her horse, gardening and looking after her menagerie!

Mr Stephen Mason - Hazel (Year Four and Five)

Mr Mason teaches Year Four and Five in Hazel.  He is brilliant at maths, but also loves teaching writing because his pupils are really keen to learn.  Mr Mason enjoys 1940's dancing such as Lindy Hop and the associated music and he enjoys teaching these to our pupils. He is also a skilled blues player on the harmonica.  

Mr Sam Williams

Mr Williams works as a teaching assistant in Willow. He also runs our Rise and Shine and Buzz Clubs before and after school. We all love Mr Williams's stories and listen out carefully in case he includes us in the tale.

Mrs Linda Pocklington

Mrs Pocklington is a teaching assistant in Key Stage 1. One of her other hats is Lunchtime Supervisor. Mrs Pocklington is a bit of an expert in phonics and number and Beech Class get lots of help from her.

Mrs Janice Moon

Mrs Moon really enjoys maths and is able to share her enthusiasm and skills as a teaching assistant in Hazel, Oak and occasionally in Elm! She is also a lunchtime supervisor, not all at the same time though! Mrs Moon is one our 'listening ears' in school and she enjoys working with children who need a little extra adult time to share their thoughts and concerns.

Mrs Kirsty Atkinson

Mrs Atkinson is a teaching assistant working mainly in Elm and also working with children in Key Stage One. She's a very flexible, patient lady and loves the challenge and variety of each day.

Miss Abigail Heyes

Miss Heys is a teaching assistant, working mainly in KS1.  She is also a lunchtime assistant and a play worker in the Buzz Club.  She is very patient and always willing to lend a hand.

Mrs Michelle Holmes

Mrs Holmes enjoys co-ordinating the activities in  Rise and Shine  and Buzz Club.  She is very good at Art and Crafts and enjoys sharing this with the children.  She loves singing and make sure the children get the best start to the school day.

Miss Stephanie Moon

Miss Moon loves her role in The Beehive.  She encourages the children to work together on the activities planned and engages them in lots of team building tasks.  Miss Moon loves cooking and is always looking for imaginative ways of serving healthy snacks.

Mrs Kathy Murray

Mrs Murray is our saviour! She is our senior administrator in the mornings, an ICT tutor in the afternoons and sorts out everyone and everything, looking after the day-to-day running of the school office, with all that that entails.

Mr Adrian Watkins

Mr Watkins makes sure our school is a safe and clean place to be.  He is always on the lookout for any little jobs that need doing to make our school work well and look good.