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Lost and Found

Spring 1

This term our learning will be centered around the text 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. We will be making links to the text through other curriculum areas.

As Historians we will...

As historians we will look at changes within living memory - such as  how materials and fishing techniques have changed over time.

We hope to visit 'The National Fishing Heritage Centre' during the term.

We will ensure that children are aware of the similarities and differences between time periods and where they fit within a chronological framework by marking events on time lines.

As Scientists we will...

As scientists we will be continue looking Human Science.

Year 1 will look closely at object and describe the material they are made from. Name and describe everyday materials. Compare and group materials based on their physical properties.

Year 2 will build on Year 1 knowledge and understanding by looking at the suitability of materials for their purpose and find out how the shapes of materials can be changed.

When learning about the people of the world we will...

In our RE work we will study Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday as well as look into Holy Week. 

Year 2 children will contrast the Christian festivals to the Jewish festival of Passover.

As Geographers we will...

As Geographers we will develop our locational knowledge of the countries in the UK and it's surrounding seas as we track the journey in the book.

We will study the differences between Legbourne and a small village in the Falkland Islands linking to the place we think the story 'Lost and Found' is set.

We will use maps and atlases to identify continent and use directional language to describe the journey in the key text.

There will be opportunities to look at changes in the weather as well as walks to discuss the changes in seasons.

As Artists we will...

As artists we will explore creating texture with paints and look at the work of an artist carefully to discuss the techniques used making links to our own work.

We will develop line drawing skills through discrete skills practice and through guided line drawing. 

If we are lucky enough to have snow then we will use this as a stimulus for art too!

As Designers we will...

As designers we will design, make, test and evaluate waterproof clothing for some toy penguins.

We will develop our cutting, shaping and joining skills during the sequence of work and explore how they could be improved further.