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Welcome to Hazel

The Celts believed that the Hazel tree represented wisdom and inspiration. In Hazel, we enjoy expanding our knowledge and skills through a range of inspiring topics.

This term we will be learning about these these topics:

Animals, including Humans - Science

  • Why are our teeth different shapes?
  • What is the journey taken by our food?
  • How can we investigate the effect of drinks on our teeth?

Anglo-Saxons - History

  • Why did the Anglo-Saxons travel to this country?
  • What do place names tell us about Anglo-Saxon history?
  • How can we assess the accuracy of historical artefacts?

Hinduism - Religious Education

  • Where do Hindus worship?
  • What similarities are there between Hinduism and other faiths?
  • What is a Puja?

Art - Anglo-Saxon Art

  • Where an we find examples of Anglo-Saxon art?
  • What patterns and designs were popular?
  • How does sketching help us to develop ideas?

Physical Eduation

In PE, we will be learning tag rugby on Thursdays. We will be developing our throwing and catching skills, as well as developing teamwork and stragic thinking.

In swimming, we will develop strength and stamina as well as technique.

Literacy and Maths

In English, we will start the term by looking at sentence structure and the building blocks of sentences. We will explore the different types of phrases and how these are linked to build clauses and then sentences. We will then use these skills to examine book reviews and other responses to reading so that we can build an idea of how to produce excellent writing for ourselves.

Later in the term, we will be looking at writing by Rudyard Kipling, including Jungle Book, and using this to help us develop our use of speech within narrative writing.

Throughout the term, we will build our confidence in using appropriate terminolgy to describe parts of speech and will use our grammar skills when discussing our work.

In Maths with Mr Mason, we will be learning about place value. We will consider the value of each digit and how numbers are represented in words and digits. We will also learn about alternative ways of recording, such as Roman Numerals. Then, we will apply these skills when ordering and rounding numbers. Towards the end of the term, we will look at mental and written methods of addition and subtraction. We will use our skills to answer questions in a range of contexts.

With Mrs Pringle, we will consider how to find the perimeter of squares, rectangles and other rectilinear shapes in cm and m.