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Homework Help

You will often find some help for your homework here.  


Don't forget, if you're not sure, ask Mr Mason to help you.  It's best to do this well before the work is due in! 

Reading Log Presentation 

Follow these steps to make sure your Reading Log homework looks fantastic!
  • Start each entry on a new page.
  • Write the short date (e.g. 23.9.16) on the left-hand side at the top of your work.
  • Miss a line and write the title of the book, next to the margin.
  • Miss a line and write the title of the task, next to the margin.
  • Always write on the lines in your book and start each line next to the margin.
  • If you make a mistake, put one neat line through it with a ruler.
  • Use a biro or handwriting pen.
  • Do not draw or doodle on any part of your book, including the front cover.

Reading Log Homework due in 21st September 2016

Choose one of the tasks from your diary and complete it in your Reading Log.

If you have any questions or are not sure what to do, please speak to Mr Mason before the work is due in.


There are some tips for presentation at the top of this page!

Maths Homework due in Thursday 22nd September 2016

Choose one of the challenges on the sheet and complete the work in your book.


Remember to write the whole number sentence.

e.g. 2,452 + 10 = 2,462

Here are some videos to help you with adding and subtracting 10!  

You can use a piece of paper instead of a whiteboard but you'll need to rub or cross out the marks.