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We have enjoyed learning about the different typed of homes and what they are called. Willow class children have also designed their own homes like the architect in the story 'Iggy Peck - Architect.'

Sammy has a friend - Benji!

Sammy's book is ready to go home to it's first careful owner of the year!

The way we choose who has Sammy for the week is purely to pull a name out of pot.  This is great as everyone gets a go. However, some children have been keen to take Sammy when they have had a special event happening. 

This is where Benji comes in.  Families can request to take home Benji any time there is a special occasion happening. (Birthday, special visitor at home or an exciting trip being had) He has his own book that can be used to record the events.

Please just pop a note in your child's reading folder or ask Mrs Bollan or Mr Williams on the playground.

Where we are up to


We have completed Phase 2 of the Letters and Sounds program and have touched upon the first letter sounds of Phase 3.  The children therefore have been taught all 26 alphabet letters sounds as well as:

ss, ll, ck, zz, ff, qu.

We are currently assessing your children individually on:

  • their phoneme knowledge, (do they know the letter sounds when they are shown a letter card)
  • their blending skills (can they blend the sounds in a word together to read the word?)
  • Their high frequency word reading
  • and, their segmenting ability (can they identify all the sounds in a spoken word so that they may write/spell it)

Keep up the great work reading regularly with your child, practicing reading high frequency words and writing the letters at home.  We do enjoy reading how you are getting by the comments in the reading diaries.

See our useful links page for more ideas.