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Willow Class Information 

Willow Class currently has Reception and Year 1 children.  Reception children follow the EYFS (Early YEars Foundation Stage) curriculum, which is tailored to the individual's interests and the Year 1 children follow the National Curriculum.  Mrs Bollan is the teacher and Mr Williams is our full time teaching assistant.


P.E. is taught on a Tuesday afternoon.  We also have timetabled physical activity sessions daily.  Please ensure you have your P.E. kit in school at all times.  Children will also need trainers in school if they want to access the wooden gym trail on the field or the tyres. Swimming for Willow Class is in terms 2, 4 and 6.  You will receive a letter regarding this before we start.

Show and Tell

This is a weekly theme for the Reception children to encourage varied communication and language opportunities. Year 1 children will be on a more flexible basis if the child has done some home learning connected with our theme and if we have time to slot it into our busy timetable.  Please do not bring in toys to school.  (EYFS may do, only if it is linked to our show and tell theme - these will be kept in a basket on the day.)


Please aim for little and often when reading with your child.  Regular reading is hugely beneficial to your child's development and can be for as little as 5 minutes a day.  Don't try and get through the whole book, use other texts from the environment and have fun with it.  Please sign in your child's reading record when your child has completed the book so that we know is can be changed.  We aim to change books on a Monday and a Thursday.

Sammy and Benji

We have a class mascot called Sammy, who will come to stay with your family over the course of the year. Please pop a few comments in his book to let us know what he got up to when he came to stay.  We pull names out of a hat to decide who takes Sammy next.   The children love telling their class mates all about his visit.  Benji is another mascot, who can be requested if you're going somewhere special or have a special visitor.