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Land Ahoy!

Who lives in a rock pool?

It's a pirate's life for me!  We loved dressing up for our WOW day to kick start our two new topics. We enjoyed making gold doubloons, solving clues to find the treasure, making pirate wanted posters and exploring how to make a boat from plasticine.  

Well done to everyone for making a fantastic effort to get dressed up and a big thank you to the parents who have loaned a boat to us - what a fantastic role play prop!

Keep an eye on our gallery for further news on our current Cornerstones topics.

Which will float?

Spot the captain...

I think we may have some stowaways!

Have you seen this pirate?

Where be the treasure?

Found it!

Zoolab experience - from hissing cockroaches, giant african land snails and stinging scorpions... giant millipedes and slithering corn snakes!

Royal Wedding at East Wold School - Full coverage here!

Children of Beech and Willow prepared for their wonderful wedding by baking scones and making crowns.  They enjoyed a service enhanced by wedding vows written by the children and then enjoyed the scones with jam and cream in the beautiful May sunshine.

Wonderful symmetrical minibeast dancing

What happened when an alien came to visit...

Fiddly fingers - bead string threading

What 2D shapes can you make with an elastic band?

Our adventure trail

Busy learning in our outdoor area

Sunny day? Hats on!