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Annual Admission Policy And Admission Criteria (Lincolnshire County Council Policy)

The School follows current Lincolnshire County Council Policy Published Admission Number: 17

This means that there are 17 places in each year group.
Children who are four may start school at the beginning of Autumn Term 1 when their 5th birthday falls between 1st September and 31st August the following year. If parents wish, they may delay their child’s admission until the term after they attain the statutory school age of 5.

Prospective parents are encouraged to make an appointment to visit us, or to attend one of our two Open Days and register for an application pack, which includes the booklet “Going to School in Lincolnshire”, outlining the Scheme for Co-ordinated Admissions for Primary Schools. Admission forms should be completed in line with the Common County Admission Procedure, using the agreed Lincolnshire Common Application Form (CAF). Forms are available from the school or from the Local Authority. Alternatively, applications may be completed online by visiting ( See the link below )

The on-line option is the County’s preferred option.

For further information on the process, visit the Lincolnshire’s School website, or call into school.

By the end of April, confirmation of the offer of a child’s place for September should be sent from the County Offices. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified and have the right to appeal. The “Going to School in Lincolnshire” booklet contains up-to-date information on Appeals.

If a County or Controlled school, such as ours, is oversubscribed, that is, there are more pupils asking for places than there are places available, the County Council’s Oversubscription Policy is adopted by the School’s Governors.

Please refer to the “Going to School in Lincolnshire” booklet for fuller information.

Where applicants exceed places, the highest priority will be given to those for whom the school is clearly more appropriate than any other school.

The following factors will be considered (after the school has fulfilled its legal obligations, for example, to children for whom the school is named in a statement of Special Educational Needs) by the Governors, in the order they are set out below:

  • The school is one preferred by the parents;
  • The child is in the care of the Local Authority;
  • There is a sibling who will still be attending the school when the child is due to start;

Access to the school. 

The following will be taken into consideration in the order below:

  • Driving distance of the applicant’s home from the school as measured by the County’s School Admissions Team;
  • The extent to which, if not admitted, there is an alternative school which is similarly accessible.

Where the school receives an application for a place mid-year, the Lincolnshire Admissions Forum In-Year Fair Access Protocol will apply (see page 3 of “Going to School in Lincolnshire”). In cases where there is over-subscription, a pupil may be placed on a reserve list, in which case the oversubscription criteria will be applied in the order set out above.

Link: Lincolnshire Admissions Policy