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Jolly Phonics

By clicking on the 'Jolly Phonics' title above, you will open a page from Beech Class on 'Ideas for home' which are great for helping children to learn the high frequency words or individual phonemes.

The link below is from the Jolly Phonics website and there are lots of worksheets and fun ideas and useful hints to help your child develop their phoneme fluency.

Phonics Play

We enjoy playing games from this website in class as a whole and on our own, so we are quite good at it!

The games can be tailored to the Letters and Sounds Phase we are are on and down to the specific phoneme we have taught up to.  See the Our Learning page to find out where we are up to.


There are so many clips and games on here that can supplement your child's learning.  Particularly useful ones are the Alphablocks and Numtums.

Bug Club

Hopefully over this year, you will become confident with accessing this useful learning tool with your child.  It is used until Year three and four and is individual to your child's learning.  Please contact your teacher if you have any questions about using the site.

Our school code is a937

Mr Thorne does Phonics

This is a great site with lots of great clips to aid your child's learning of phonics for reading, although they are at a cost.  The clips can also be  viewed on You Tube for free.