EYFS and Year 1 100 High Frequency Words

Throughout the 'Letters and Sounds' programme of study, there are lists of words that we teach the children to read by sight by the end of Year 1 to aid fluency.  These are called the 100 high frequency words.  As your child shows interest in words and wanting to read, you can start to introduce the words one list at a time.  Go at your child's pace.  They may learn better if one or two words are introduced at a time.  Once you feel your child is confident in reading the words by sight please write a note in your child's reading diary and we will assess if they are ready for the next sheet.  We work on the words at school too, so even if your child is not interested at first, they will start to recognise the words as we progress through the phonics phases. 

File icon: pdf 100 HFWs lists [pdf 393KB] Click to download

Common Exception Words 

Each year goup has a list of words that they are expected to be able to read and spell by the summer term.  Please find the Year 1 list attached.